Dawn Morgan

I am a Business Coach, Mentor, and clinical hypnotherapist. I love everything to do with marketing, niching, program creation, web pages, funnels, partnerships, business strategy, empowerment and so much more. And along with my partner, Stacey, who is an absolute rockstar when it comes to social media, AI and mindset, we provide all you need for your coaching business. I bring 30 years of business, teaching and coaching experience to you, so you can build a successful coaching business.

Stacey Short

I came into coaching after tragically losing my brother in 2016. I always had plans of helping others, hence the B.A. in Psychology, but life had other plans. After losing Nathan, I decided it was my turn and time waits for no woman. I decided to honor him and myself at the same time by creating a positive impact in the world, something we both wanted. I have received four certifications in Health, Life, Clarity, and Positive Intelligence. Combined with my years of amateur coaching of friends and family, I have over 22 years of educational and life experience. I have been on my healing journey for over a decade. In my time in the “industry,” I have seen “gurus” demand you follow their expensive system with little to no support in teaching you the hows and whys of the system. I saw holes that were glaring obvious and the people who were confused by them. Dawn and I swore we would do things differently. We believe in you choosing your own path, taking what resonates with you, and leaving what doesn’t, and know that there is more than one way to skin a cat, as my Memaw always said. I hope you join us and see why we are different. Helping coaches wanting the dots connected. That is what we do and heart-centered is how we do it.

About Us

I remember the challenges I faced when I set out to start my therapy practice. It wasn't merely about finding information; it was about navigating through a maze of promises and disappointments.

Countless programs lured me in with grand assurances, yet delivered only fragments of what I truly needed to gain traction.

Each resource seemed to offer a piece of the puzzle, but none provided the comprehensive guidance required for genuine progress. Instead, I found myself bombarded with costly upsells, each promising to unlock the missing elements essential for success.

The dilemma I encountered was the absence of a tailored approach that resonated with my unique style and preferences. I refused to conform to rigid directives without understanding the underlying rationale or relevance. As a result, conventional one-size-fits-all solutions failed to align with my vision

Determined to understand the how and the why, I immersed myself in a journey of self-education. I delved into marketing, messaging, websites, funnels, copywriting, strategy, development, and social media dynamics., and a whole host of other things.

I painstakingly pieced together the knowledge and skills required to understand how to bring my business concept to fruition.

The expertise I acquired not only empowered me to launch my own venture but also equipped me to guide and mentor others on their entrepreneurial journey.

That's our ethos – we don't dictate directives; we empower you to chart your course.

We don't believe in the done-for-you approach. Nor do we believe in telling you what you should be doing.

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